Fresh Breath Products

Stop bad breath with the daily use of TheraBreath fresh breath products. Clinically tested and used by millions of people worldwide, TheraBreath products are guaranteed to work or your money back. TheraBreath is available at many retail stores and online at

Here are just some of the many effective products sold at TheraBreath:

TheraBreath Mild Mint Oral Rinse

TheraBreath’s clinically tested, mild mint flavored rinse attacks the bacteria that cause bad breath odor and stops sour, bitter and metallic tastes in your mouth.

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TheraBreath Icy Mint Oral Rinse

The same bad breath fighting technology of the original TheraBreath Mild Mint Oral Rinse but with a cool blast of minty menthol and crisp citrus. Guaranteed to refresh all bad breath!

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TheraBreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste

This clinical strength toothpaste provides potent oxygenation yet has a mild, pleasant flavor. It attacks the bacteria that cause bad breath while leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Dentist recommended, Therabreath Toothpaste is also very effective at preventing cavities and maintaining gum health.

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TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Lozenges

These unique three-step lozenges are unlike any breath mint you have ever tried.  First, a pleasant citrus mint formula quickly eliminates any unpleasant tastes or odors in your mouth. Second, the clinical strength powers of Zinc, Oxygen, and Xylitol attack the sources of bad breath. And third, the proprietary mouth wetting agent stimulates saliva production to relieve dry mouth.

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TheraBreath Premium Tongue Cleaner

This premium tongue cleaner is the best way to remove debris that collects on the surface of your tongue. It safely cleans to allow the active ingredients in TheraBreath Toothpaste to attack the bacteria responsible for bad breath and sour tastes.

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